Free Books!

We proudly announce that there will be free books for the first 100 children each day. Huzzah!



Support the public library, have fun, and receive free entry into the faire!
Volunteer opportunities await!


Renaissance Magazine

Thank you to Renaissance Magazine for featuring us in their June/July 2015 issue! Amazing coverage, and His Majesty is on the cover!

Promotional Video - From 2016

Live Jousting!

Twice daily, watch our knights in armored horseback jousting. From skilled games to full, live steel combat, join them and cheer for your favorite!

Adamo Ignis

Fall in love with flame! Witness acts such as fire eating and breathing, fire dancing, broken glass, bed of nails, and much more. The passion of dance, the danger of fire, and many other tricks await you!

Armchair Wizards

Join Timotheous the Orange and Lilith the Elf as they lead a journey through the collective nerdism of all things pop-culture. Enter their unique Massive, Multiplayer, On-stage, Live Action Role Playing Game Show in an interactive improvisational experience where fairegoers participate in the game, even when they are not participating in the game!


An Arthurian Tale - The White Company: King Arthur has requested King Lot and Queen Anna of Orkney to return to the safety of the kingdom and oversee this year’s festival. A day of sport and training turns into a life lesson all will find hard to forget. Join us to see how the tale unfolds!

Director's Thank You

HUZZAH--and THANK YOU for making OUR FAIRE truly one of the best around, and this year's faire the best ever. Simply said, the annual Village Renaissance Faire has reached new heights in every way! The premier show, Baywing Falconry, has filled not only the sky with beautiful sights and birds, but the grounds with more attendees than ever before.


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