Merchant / Crafter Form

The application form below is applicable solely for the 2018 Village Renaissance Faire.

If you have any questions, please email us before completing this form.

Upload any relevant photos of you, your booth, your wares, etc. to help us know what you plan to sell. Photos of accepted merchants/crafters may be used for promotional purposes on or related social media accounts. JPGs are preferred but nearly any image format is acceptable. Only one file can be uploaded. Please ZIP/compress mutliple-photo submissions into one file and upload that file. Email our webmaster if you need assistance with this.
The toy surcharge is an after-charge IF APPROVED. If you require pre-approval, email the faire director beforehand.
Measurements: Frontage x Depth:
Please provide specific size of tent and required footprint including all guidewires. If you understate the size of your tent you may be denied a space or charged the rate for another full space because it impacts the overall set-up, layout and designed flow of the faire.
The "Rules and Regulations for the Faire", as well as the indemnification and waiver rules, are all available by clicking "Rules and Regulations for the Faire".
I understand there may be food and fire marshall inspections. I also understand there if I request and receive electricity there will be additional charges and that there is no guarantee of running water per the required landowner contract. I will comply with all rules and failures are exclusively the merchants responsibility (no refunds).
I, the merchant, understand that I, the merchant, must purchase insurance now required by the landlord of all participants/vendors/performers. The Faire has negotiated a low group insurance binder for only $35 for most merchants (i.e., does not include blacksmith, etc.). The library will pay the separate processing fee but I, the merchant, am responsible for the cost of this insurance. The registration information will be forward upon acceptance. All fees are non-refundable.

STANDARD FEES (based on 12x12 space, otherwise additional charges apply):
Fees are $115 per 12 by 12 ft space including ropes if paid by June 1st.   There is a $15.00 reduction for reservations by May 1st (i.e. $100).  After June 1st, fees are $130 per 12x12 space. The Faire committee reserves the right to limit the number of participating merchants for any class of goods. If it is NOT listed and APPROVED, you may NOT sell it.  No refunds.  PLEASE SEE FAIRE RULES

Please enter the total dollar amount of your application. For credit card payments: You will need to re-enter this amount on the payment/billing information page.
For Payments by Check:

Make checks payable to and return completed forms and/or checks to:

Village Library of Wrightstown
727 Penns Park Road
Wrightstown, PA 18940

If paying by check, please indicate the check number here.

Direct any inquiries to the Village Library, Kenneth Hone, 215-348-6491 (daytime) or 267-304-8060,, or

The Village Library has the right to refuse any group, individual or product deemed inappropriate and will not be responsible for loss, damage or injury to participants or merchandise.

Type your full name as your legally-binding, electronic signature.

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