Musical Ensembles

The Village Renaissance Faire provides one of the most diverse opportunities for music appreciation and development, from aspiring, yet talented, home and public school aged students such as the Centennial Singers, long-standing community ensembles like the Newtown Recorders Consort to professional ensembles like Piffaro.  Everyone remains committed to tutoring, learning, teach, involving, and entertaining all. Here are some, but by no means all, illustrative examples of past and current musical and choral performers.

Betsy Scott Chapman - With a choice of Medieval, Celtic, or Pedal Harp Betsy offers a wide variety of musical styles for all occasions. Although her specialty is Early Music, particularly music of the Renaissance period, she also enjoys playing arrangements of sacred and popular music. Betsy is a student of Phyllis Ensher-Peters and Ellen Tepper.

Betsy has performed at various venues and audeiences from weddings through extensive stints with the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.   As a performer, Betsy works with Village Productions, and with the Tapestry Historic Dance Company. Combining her knowledge of stress-reduction techniques and music, Betsy works with Kathy Gracenin to present “Music, Movement and Meditation” retreats for individuals and groups, as well as a "Healing Harmonies" program with Dorian Abel, Yoga instructor. In addition, Betsy provides Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy™ (VAHT); see for more details on this exciting new application of harp music.

Jack and Brenda - Using acoustic guitars, recorders, and tambourine, they play a unique blend of pop, progressive rock, and old English and Celtic folk music, with a flavor of the Renaissance.

Kingdom Singers - Period Productions madrigals and minstrels

Newtown Recorders Consort - local period woodwind group.

Rabbit Stampede - Featuring Paul Butler, Kirsten Erwin, and Chris Robinson.

Recordante - A professional recorder choir. All musicians are members of the American Federation of Musicians.
The group performs virtually every genre of music from Medieval and Renaissance to Baroque and Classical to Ragtime, Swing, Big Band and light jazz. The repertoire includes a vast array of Celtic, Jewish and German music as well as most other ethnic cultures.

  • Linda Bolasky - soprano, alto, tenor, bass
  • Jolene Connelly - soprano, tenor, bass
  • George Fennell - tenor
  • Kristen Freitag - soprano, tenor
  • Eric Lundberg - sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor
  • Amanda Marsteller - alto
  • John Robertson - sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor
  • Janelle Zook - soprano, tenor

Waites & Measures - Kathryn Pierce. Saturday Only. Period and contemporary instruments are blended into beautiful harmony with a lovely voice at our stages and on our faireways.

Mixed interactive childrens, theatrical, dance, musical ensembles:
Joy (Cole) Parties


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