Rules and Regulations for the Faire

1. Despite its success, authenticity and longevity, many find it hard to believe this is purely a volunteer charity faire and not a commercial enterprise. Please remember our mission and we are all volunteers when interacting with us and leaving the grounds, as a boy scout would say, better than you found it—Leave no trace behind.

2. Space is available on first come, first served basis and will be determined by the postmark on the application. No refunds. Availability may be limited. Special reductions are available for advance reservations.

3. All persons manning a booth are expected to be in period attire at all time during the faire as it enhances the flavor of the Faire and to act in character, even if it is just to say "God Save the Queen," "Huzzah," or the like. A meeting will be held by 10:30 each morning to update participants on the event. Assistance is available to develop affordable period dress.

4. All merchants are asked to decorate their booth area as much as possible with period appropriate materials. The merchants must supply and set up their own tables, display, and shelter. If you do not have period attire or decoration, you can either adjust your set-up accordingly or rent them at a nominal charge from the faire.

5. All merchandise must be Medieval, Renaissance, or Fine Arts related. Toys, plants, farm goods, craft, and hand-made items are also acceptable. Toy resellers and toys are a high priority item and must be specially approved. No flea market type, non-theme related items allowed. Food merchants must obtain specific approval for all items they sell. Any wares or services deemed inappropriate or unapproved by the Faire Director must be removed if asked by the Faire Director or you will forfeit your space and all fees.

6. There is per 12 ft. X 12 ft. space with guy wires included. If upon arrival your size needs including guidewires exceed those requested you must either forfeit all fees or pay the additional space fee (if offered and available at the option of the faire director). Discounted rates available to participating groups and performers upon satisfaction of the Library Faire Committee. Additional fees and penalties will be imposed for set-ups that do not confirm to the stated size and style. SCA, Pennsic Merchants, Markland, Crafters, Guild Members, and other education and reenactment organizations may qualify for a reduced fee.

7. There is a $15.00 early booking reduction fee per space and referral fees with be given for newly accepted and paid merchants and crafters.

8. ALL merchants selling weapons, or other controlled items, MUST be insured and licensed within the state! All weapons can only be sold to adults and the boxes must be taped at the time of sale. Any violations will result in immediate dismissal from the grounds without refund.

9. The Village Library of Wrightstown reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone not in compliance with the regulations of the Faire, the right to have you prohibit, curtail, or limit the sale of any items that do not have prior approval or fail to conform with Faire Director’s expectations of the wares described. The Library and Faire Director have the right to expel any merchant in violation of the Faire and Merchant rules. There are no refunds of the fee due to weather conditions or violation of the regulations.

10. As a participant and/or merchant it is my obligation and responsibility to be aware of and in full compliance with tax and insurance obligations, all applicable state, county, and local codes, rules and laws applicable to me including but not limited to department of health, fire code, etc. Failure to do so and any accompanying loss or liability is my exclusive responsibility.

10a. I, the merchant, understand that I, the merchant, must purchase insurance now required by the landlord of all participants/vendors/performers. The Faire has negotiated a low group insurance binder for only $35 for most merchants (i.e., does not include blacksmith, etc.). The library will pay the separate processing fee but I, the merchant, am responsible for the cost of this insurance. The registration information will be forward upon acceptance. All fees are non-refundable.

11. Merchants may set up after 5:00 p.m. Friday, the day before the faire. Special arrangements may be made with advance notice or request.

12. All vehicles must be off site each operating day by 10:00 a.m. until the close of the Faire each day. Any participant and/or merchant arriving after the designated time will be permitted to bring their wares to their site on foot.

13. Overnight camping is permitted in the designated area with advance registration. An overnight camping pass must be obtained and displayed on the front windshield. Electricity and water will not be available in this area.

14. All participants and/or merchants must be off site by 9:00 p.m. Sunday. If you need to stay over Sunday, please advise Faire Director at time of your application.

15. All participants and/or merchants must make sure their space is clean of trash and debris before leaving. There will be plenty of trash cans and a dumpster for your use. ALL participant and/or merchant trash must be personally placed in a dumpster. DO NOT stuff the trash cans for our volunteers. DO NOT overfill the dumpster, there should be plenty of them within feet of each other.

16. NO alcohol permitted to be consumed on the fairegrounds at any time as this would violate contract with Middletown Grange #684.

17. The Faire is an ALL volunteer event, so please respect them at all times as their commitment allows the faire to keep our prices low, provide quality service, and gain large returning audiences year after year. Their payment is respect and greatness of the event. ALL must respect that.

18. Participants and/or merchants agree to indemnify fully and hold harmless the Village Library of Wrightstown, the Middletown Grange Fairgrounds, their employees, volunteers, organizers, and agents against all damage, claims, liabilities and causes of action of every kind and nature. Participants and/or merchants further agree to waive and release the above from any claims for damages or loss of personal property sustained by the participant and/or merchant or any other person claiming through the participant and/or merchant resulting from fire, accident, occurrence, theft, or condition of the grounds or surrounding areas.

19. The event will occur rain or shine. If weather is truly inclement, there are several fully enclosed pole barns on site that can be used for vendors and performances. Any questions can be directed to Ken Hone (work 215-348-6491 or cell phone 267-304-8060), or email

20. Any performance, activity or offerings which is any way deemed inappropriate or unapproved by the Faire Director must cease, be removed or otherwise addressed if asked by the Faire Director or you will forfeit your reimbursements, space and all fees.

The Library Faire Committee reserves the right to make final interpretation of the rules.
Please read carefully the indemnification/waiver of claims on the application.


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