Storyline 2016: An Arthurian Tale - The White Company

An Arthurian Tale - The White Company (2016)

With the loss of the Kingdom of Orkney to the war with the Saxons, King Arthur has requested King Lot and Queen Anna of Orkney to return to the safety of the kingdom and oversee this year’s festival.  As the war continues abroad, King Arthur remains away but has sent many of the tournament Knights to take rest from the front lines and continue their training under King Lot for a period of time.

As part of their new training King Lot brings forth a mercenary group known as the White Company, a hardened group of villagers born out of battle with the Saxons, led by Captain Roger White to help teach the Roundtable tournament knights how to face and win against the Saxons. A day of sport and training turns into a life lesson all will find hard to forget. There is a thin line between defeating your enemy’s and becoming like your enemy’s.  Join us to see how the tale unfolds!


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