Storyline 2017: To the Victor goes the Spoil

Synopsis of our storyline unfolding...To the Victor goes the Spoil (2017)

Storyline 2017 preview: To the Victor goes the SpoilThe War with the Saxons comes to a bloody stalemate and Arthur convenes the Round Table council to discuss. However of late the King has been moody and secretive. Above all the knights fear for Guinevere who has not been seen in many months. Some knights press for peace and others to push their advantage. None know that Arthur's real intention for this meeting is to gather his knights to meet with a Saxon delegation.

Guinevere manipulates Hengist into accepting Arthur's terms for peace. Arthur uses the Saxon way of the strongest must rule to goad Hengist into a tournament where Arthur places the crown of Camelot on the line as prize. Simply defeat Arthur and the crown is yours. However he puts this challenge to any and all. The Saxons, regardless of their king, see an opportunity to grab power for themselves. Hengist, not to be outdone, puts his own crown on the line.

It is a winner take all tournament!


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